Why You Should Consider Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

  • July 30, 2019

For many Denver homes, gorgeous hardwood flooring can be found inside. It’s an iconic and aesthetic staple to any truly authentic American home, but time is not always it’s best friend. Wear and tear, moisture, animals, and other common trauma that your floor endures will eventually wear down that gorgeous finish, and leaving your home looking… lack-luster.

Should You Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Do you need some motivation to get started on making your floors look better than ever? Deciding to spend the money on refinishing your hardwood floors is a bi choice, but it will benefit so many people and homeowners.

Why should you start planning for the possibility of getting your floors refinished by a professional? Here are 3 valid reasons why wood floor refinishing in Denver is the best option as a homeowner!

1. It ups the value of your home

If you’re considering selling, either presently or in the future, you want things to be in the best condition possible. Refinishing your hardwood will not only preserve them better for when that time comes, but it will add lots of value to your home… and you’ll get more money in return!

Homes that stay in great condition are always easier to sell later on. If you’re nowhere near even thinking ahead like that, it’s still beneficial! Preserving your home over many, many years always pays off in one way or another, so little hacks like hardwood refinishing does wonders.

2. It saves you money in the long-run

Think about it. Hardwood flooring isn’t exactly cheap, especially to pay for the best stuff, and the installation, the original finishing…. There is a lot of funding that goes into that decision, which may be why many people are choosing vinyl or bamboo options lately. If you already have hardwood floors, consider yourself lucky!

However, to stay fortunate, you have to be quick to keep up with their maintenance. You want to extend the longevity of your hardwood floors for as long as possible. Refinishing your floors comes at a cost, but it’s far cheaper than totally remodeling the hardwood with new installation, so you save more money for far longer.

3. It gives you more options

Ever wanted to just go crazy and try something new? Change the bathroom tile, or switch out the kitchen wallpaper, paint the bedroom a brighter color? We’ve all been there! When you refinish floors, you are often presented with quite a few options on how you want to get the job done, so you can go for a whole new feel in your home by just changing the stain color. Some refinishing choices may even alter grain or texture style, so shop around, dream big, and get creative! No one says you have to stick with the exact same style in your design home, and refinishing your floors opens up a big door for wiggling around that interior.