Despite that your hardwood flooring options are endless, only Urban Design Flooring is committed to delivering an immaculate product with immaculate service.

If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill flooring that blends in with the background of your space, Urban Design Flooring isn’t for you.

Urban Design Floors has worked on a number of custom homes with a specific hardwood look for many years. We’ve worked with hardwood flooring distributors all over the world, giving us endless hardwood options for our clients to choose from that are as special as they are, such as:

French, White Oak Flooring

Urban Design Floors supplies only premium quality, authentic French white oak engineered flooring that is 100% CARB 2 compliant with zero VOC finishes, combined with short lead times and nearly limitless options. Our Denver showroom features more than 100 authentic French white oak engineered hardwood samples that can be specially customed for any project.

Our premium white oak hardwood planks can be manufactured in lengths up to 15 feet long and 14 inches wide, allowing for a seamless finish with fewer end joints.

Customizable, Unfinished, Engineered Wood Species

The dynamic nature of our premium hardwood flooring is partly due to the fact that we carry a multitude of unfinished flooring materials to be finished on-site per your specifications.

Exotic Flooring Species

Because of our connection to a worldwide network of suppliers, Urban Design Floors offers exotic flooring species available in both finished and unfinished.

Exclusive, “Ultra-Exotic” Flooring Species

“Ultra-exotics” like Paraguayan Mesquite, Bolivian Morado, and Mexican Chechen, all very unique species that are commonly used in high-end projects.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood sourced from old barns and factories across the U.S. that have been dismantled or remodeled.

Superior Quality, Guaranteed

Our products come with some of the best warranties in the industry.

Our global flooring suppliers and manufacturers specialize in customer orders. Every project is custom ordered, prepared, and packaged to meet each individual customer’s preferences.

Unlike mass box manufacturers, your custom hardwood flooring arrives exactly as it should, to be prepared and installed as you wish.

No Matter Your Needs, We Deliver

Whether for a custom home, residential remodel, multi-unit or commercial project, Urban Design Floors can meet your specific needs.

Urban Design Floors may even be able to track down a certain type of wood that you have in mind. Contact us today, and we’ll begin the search.

Why We’re Different:
Raw Materials

Ours: German and French White Oak Floors
Them: American and Russian White Oak Floors (A cheap substitution).

Platform and Construction

Ours: Solid, hardwood lumber construction
Them: Plywood

Sawn Face Layer vs. Sliced Face Layer

Ours: Sawn-cut provides the highest degree of stability, quality, and longevity.
Them: Sliced-cut is a cost-cutting method resulting in wood stress, thinner wood layers, small cracks, and compromised quality.

Why are Urban Design Floors' products different from others?

Raw Material
Raw Material
Ours: German & French White oak

Others: American & Russian white oak (cheaper)

Platform and Construction
Platform and Construction
Our platform: Solid hardwood lumber construction.

Using our solid hardwood lumber core glued into the opposite direction of the face layer, and adding a solid sawn back, again in opposite grain direction, we are limiting the shrinking and expanding of your floor to a minimum.

Others platform: plywood

Sawn Face Layer vs. Sliced Face Layer
Sawn Face Layer vs. Sliced Face Layer
While most manufactures use sliced face layers, we are using sawn face layers. Why do we do this if they both look the same and sawn cut is more expensive?

Ours: sawn-cut provides the best quality, stability & visuals for solid & engineered floors, highest degree of stability.

Others: Cost effective, stress in the wood, thinner wood layers, small cracks, compromised quality.

beautifully marbled wood floor
closeup of white oak wood floor
light reflecting off engineered floor