Unique Designs to Set Your Hardwood Floor Apart

  • June 11, 2019

Choose Unique Designs To Set Your Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners dream of installing hardwood floors. But why keep your dreams simple? When it comes to hardwood floors Denver homeowners have so many options from which to choose. It’s not simply a matter of the clean, streamlined aesthetic you’ll enjoy when your hardwood floor is installed. It’s not just the modern feel your home will take on, or the easy cleanup you’ll have. Choosing hardwood flooring also gives you design options you might never have known you had. There are so many trends when it comes to hardwood floors Denver homeowners are taking advantage of. Examine your options and choose the best look for your home.

Engineered Hardwood Kitchen

Legno Bastone

Legno Bastone brand flooring has a look all its own. Characterized by its unusually wide and long floorboard planks, this brand has been around since the 1800s and has a classic look that many have come to love. Legno Bastone is valued for its quality European standard of craftsmanship, and they treat every home like a castle because they understand that your home is your castle. Consider making this unique style a part of your home—all your guests are sure to notice and be wowed.

Contrasting Patterns

Want to create an eye catching look that will draw people’s gaze to your new floors from the moment they step into your home? Install a hardwood floor in contrasting patterns. You can also use this trend to spruce up your existing wood floors, saving you money on a new hardwood floor installation cost. Simply decide what you want your pattern to look like, choose your colors, and apply a fresh coat of paint to your floorboards. Make sure you use masking tape or painters tape to ensure that the lines come out where you want them to be. When you’re finished, your floor will be the talk of the neighborhood and the envy of all your friends.

Reclaimed Wood

Combine the joys of recycling and renovating when you install reclaimed wood in your home. This unfinished look gives a warm and homey feel to any space, and it’s a pinnacle of classic design come full circle to resurface as a hot trend again in 2019. Looking at your reclaimed wood floors, you may feel as if elements of coastal design have taken root in your home. If that matches your aesthetic, reclaimed wood might be perfect for you.

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