Protecting your Hardwood Floors from Damage

  • August 26, 2019

As beautiful and appealing as it is, hardwood floors are a bit of concern for many average American homeowners. If you own pets, have children, or don’t have a desire in spending a lot of time maintaining your floors, you may be second guessing the house that has traditional hardwood in it.

Maybe you’ve already settled in, and now you’re struggling to keep up with the damage control it takes to keep these gorgeous floors looking great year after year. We get it – it’s a lot at first! Hardwood floors are a little finicky, and they need some extra care to stay shiny and gleaming.

Caring for your hardwood floors and keeping them protected isn’t as difficult as some may make it out to be. A few simple habit changes, and you just extended the life of your floors by a dozen years.

4 Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floor

Though they may seem like no-brainers, you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to do some of the most simplest things! A few minor changes or taking extra care to remember a couple of rules can go a very long way in protecting your flooring from damage.

1. Keep it clean & tidy!

You’d be surprised at how many times hardwood floors are overlooked during the weekly cleaning day. Sometimes they are given attention, but not the right kind. Mopping hardwood is tempting, since it’s an easy way to shine it all up, but excess moisture can damage your floors. Spot cleaning, using gentle vacuum attachments, and a broom are the best ways to keep your hardwood clean and shiny.

2. Decorate with rugs

Getting a few floor rugs not only helps keep that gorgeous hardwood safe, but it adds a homey, warm feeling to your decor. Some people aren’t too fond of this method, since the whole point of having hardwood flooring is to show it off. However, as long as you’re only covering up the heavily traveled sections (like maybe the main hallway), you’re still leaving plenty in the open to admire!

3. Enforce a “shoes off” rule

Shoes, especially heels or sports soles, will easily scuff, scratch, and break down the hardwood flooring in your home. Anytime we use rough surfaces to walk across it, we are wearing down the finish, and affecting the wood underneath. Keeping the shoes off when it comes to your hardwood will greatly extend its lifetime, so it may be time to put up a shoe rack and start nagging the family to keep the shoes off.

4. Refinish your floors every decade

Every few years, you should be refinishing your floors. Doing this helps keep their natural oils intact, while the coating keeps your floors beautiful and strong. Hardwood refinishing Denver professionals are experienced and well-versed in what it takes to give your wood the best treatment and bring it to its former glory. Plus, you can choose new styles or textures, and change up the appearance in small ways for a breath of fresh air.