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Urban Design Floors offers Denver hardwood flooring to light commercial and residential spaces. Your floors can be instantly elevated with new life, energy, and atmosphere. Our premium engineered hardwood flooring is sure to last and look beautiful in your home or office space.

White Oak Engineered Flooring

Our Engineered French White Oak Floors combine superior, modern finishing with durable longevity. It also:
● Resists extreme expansion and contraction in unfriendly environmental conditions.
● Is a sought after hardwood flooring product due to its durability and stunning look.
● Has longer plank lengths and wider widths.

Why is French White Oak Sought After in Hardwood Flooring?

The Europeans have a distinct log-cutting technique that involves taking a “square” from the center of a log, called a cant, and slicing it straight through. This area has a slower growing cycle, which produces a tighter grain.

The result is a wider plank, typically 5″-14” wide, with a gorgeous live sawn look near the center, flanked by a unique rift & quartered grain pattern. These three unique textures form a highly desirable aesthetic, which is why we use European white oak engineered wood for our hardwood flooring.

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In order to truly get a “feel” for the look and texture of our engineered hardwood flooring, allow us to “wow” you in our Denver showroom.


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