How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

  • September 21, 2019

Preserving the life of your hardwood flooring should be your top priority if you’re one of the lucky few to still have the gorgeous installation in your home. While many people, especially in the younger generations, or opting out of wood for more manageable material types, there is a form of timeless beauty and class that simply cannot be replicated. To keep that same effect in your home, you have to keep those floors in great condition… which isn’t as easily done as it is said.

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors in Denver are starting to become something of an antique of the past. It’s sad, but true! Due to negligence and failure to keep up with proper, regular cleaning, many homes are ripping out the oak and putting in bamboo or carpet instead.

First, identify the areas in your home that your hardwood flooring gets the most traffic or debris left on the surface. If you have a hallway or living area with lots of action, this is your worst zone. You will need to clean this area more than a spot with less traffic. Decide on these zones, and plan your cleaning schedule accordingly.

The 3-Step Process To Perfection

Once you have figured out how to zone your hardwood floors, it’s time to break down the cleaning process. These 3 easy steps will help you keep the floors clean, evenly, and prolong their lifetime.

1. Frequent Preventative Cleaning

Microfiber dust mops with a special dusting agent, or an electrostatic or microfiber cloth, should be used often to swipe up the potential harmful debris left on your floors. Sometimes pet hair, bread crumbs, tiny pebbles, or anything else left behind from the day can scratch and wear down the surface.

For the heavily trafficked areas, this preventative cleaning step should be done so a couple of times a week for the best result. Less popular areas, such as a small office room or corners, won’t need to see a dusting as frequently, so these zones can be skipped.

2. Regular Routine Cleaning

We all know those days, the dreaded cleaning days. In some homes, it may be once a month, or biweekly. No matter the frequency, at some point, you give your house a good, basic cleaning session. Don’t neglect your hardwood floors during this time!

Engage in the preventantion cleaning, but also bring out a soft vacuum that can handle hardwood floors, and work on wiping up problematic spots. Mixing vinegar and water together for a quick dry mop can help you remove residue from the flooring as well.

3. The Occasional Deep Clean

Can you say spring cleaning? Hardwood floors need a good, thorough clean once or twice a year, just like your walk-in closet. You can invest in a quality wood floor mop or rag mop for this job, or a gentle sponge. Next, damp mop the floor with lukewarm water entirely. You don’t want the floor to be saturated, just damp!

Finally, using approved floor cleaner diluted to the recommended strength, repeat your actions. Once you’re done, rinse out your mop, and go over the floor with a clean, damp sponge one more time. You’re good to go!