Why us?

Your unique Denver hardwood flooring project will be approached with the same divine craftsmanship that we bring to every space. Urban Design Floors’ dedication to the perfection of hardwood floors Denver earned us the distinct honor of being called one of the area’s “Do What You Say” flooring companies. We won’t call it complete until we’ve exceeded your expectations.

Urban Design Floors provides an incomparable selection of engineered hardwood in Denver.

Specializing in light commercial and residential flooring, our business anatomy is comprised of:

●  Engineered hardwood flooring
●  Hardwood installation
●  Sand-and-finish
●  Hardwood floor refinishing

“Our sole purpose is to breathe new life into ordinary hardwood floors.”


Invest in the absolute best.

When entering any space, one of the first things you notice is the floors. Not only is it a notable characteristic, but it’s also the surface that contacts you more than any other.
Because of this, your flooring experiences the most exposure in your home.

Absorbing the impact of your daily life, your floors cover 60 percent of your home’s interior.
An investment in your floors is an investment in the longevity of your home and the quality of your everyday living.


Our Denver hardwood flooring showroom features high quality, innovative designs such as reclaimed hardwood and white oak engineered hardwood.

Our flooring is made with the unique care of our craftsmen’s touch, ensuring that your hardwood flooring is contrived from the distinction of your unique preferences.

You’re one-of-a-kind, your hardwood should be too.

What We Do

Hardwood Installation
Hardwood Installation
At Urban Design Floors we want to help make your floors one of your home’s most stunning focal points.
Hardwood Refinishing
Hardwood Refinishing
Hardwood floor refinishing is a common procedure, but it is best left to the professionals.
Our Hardwood Products
Our Hardwood Products
So what really makes French White Oak so unique? It’s all in the way it is cut from the log.


certified National Wood Flooring Association Installer
National Wood Flooring Association Member
Certified Bona Craftsman
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