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Are your hardwood floors faded, dull, or beginning to show the wear and tear of daily life? Are you tired of your outdated wood stain color or just looking for a new stain color?

Refinishing hardwood floors can reveal the natural beauty of the wood while also ensuring your floor is the highlight of any room. At Urban Design Floors, we combine our expertise with high- quality products to give your hardwood a fresh face. We have provided sanding and refinishing services to customers in the Denver Metro area for more than 15 years, and we can help you too!

Our services can include:

  • Screen and Coat: Screen and coat is a process wherein the existing polyurethane top coat is abraded or removed and replaced with fresh coat of finish. Over time, the top coat of finish can wear out, leaving your hardwood floor more vulnerable to spills and scratches. As an alternative to simply applying a new layer of finish, screen and coat can be done as a maintenance item every couple of years. If your floor is in overall good shape, this is a quick and easy way to refresh your hardwood floors.
  • Refinishing or Sanding: If your hardwood floors have more serious ailments such as deep scratches or water damage, refinishing or sanding hardwood floors may be your only option. In this process, hardwood floors are sanded down to the bare wood. At this point you can change your wood floor stain color if you so choose. Our hardwood flooring installers can provide you with many stain color options, stock and custom, to choose from.
  • Custom: We specialize in creating custom colors to match any and all of your design needs. Our flooring experts can wire brush your existing solid hardwood floors, hand scrape floors, apply natural penetrating oils and provide many proprietary wood treatment techniques that will make your floor stand out and be VOC free.

Did you know hardwood floors should last 100 to 150 years if maintained properly? It might seem like a quick and easy DIY project, but refinishing wood floors should be left up to the professionals. At Urban Design Floors, we use only use the top of the line products while performing hardwood floor refinishing, sanding, or screening. From Boulder to Castle Rock, we happily provide free estimates to the Denver area and surrounding cities.

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