Urban Design Floors’ Tips to Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

Cleaning your floor doesn’t have to be hard on you… or the environment!

Regardless of what type of wood, color or cut, your home’s hardwood floors require special attention and proper maintenance in order to ensure decades of lasting beauty and integrity. There are many choices of cleaning products available on the market, but which ones are the most environmentally friendly? Which ones might damage your wood, or leave a filmy residue? Let’s look at the top brands suited to keeping your new floor just as shiny in a decade as it was when first installed, and some of the most critical “do’s” and “don’ts” everyone should know before tackling things head-on.

Whether you purchased your hardwood floors from Urban Design Floors, or elsewhere in the retail flooring industry, one of the most frequently asked questions by customers just like you is “How do I properly clean my hardwood floors, and what product should I use that is affordable yet effective?” We will do our best here to answer these questions for you. Most people are just like you in the sense that they didn’t spend such a high price tag for such a luxurious and beautiful thing to just go to waste away… succumbing to the effects of time without care.

Here at Urban Design Floors in Denver, Co., we hear about countless, but incorrect, floor care methods and products. Most of these incorrect ways and products actually will likely cause irreversible damage to your floors, and cost you more time and money in the long run than if you just took a bit of initiative to do some research to ensure you’re using the right products, in the right ways.

Which product you use will dictate exactly how to go about your cleaning strategy, but it’s important to remember that any product that tells you to dilute it with water, is probably not the one you want to be using.
For any hardwood floor, the best products to use are Bona and Arboritec brands. Choose one of their products made for the type of floor you have, and pay special attention to the label. Follow their specific “how-to” instructions carefully when using the product. Pay special attention to all directions provided by the cleaner’s manufacturer, and always test a small and less visible area of your floor to test it before applying anything to the entire surface area of a room. If no marks or damage is evident once the surface you’ve tested with the cleaner completely dry, then you should be good to go on the rest of the floor.

But nothing will beat following your flooring producer and vendor care instructions. Each flooring company produces various kind of hardwood floors, which in turn, need specific care and cleaning products to obtain the cleanness and avoid any possible damage. Always if in doubt, contact your Floor producer and ask how you can clean and maintain your floors. They’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Water, on the other hand, is wood’s worst enemy, and it will do damage to your floor if you use an excessive amount of it. The best course of action is to maintain a daily, or at minimum, weekly light, cleaning schedule to ensure years of beauty from your investment.

The most crucial advice we can give before you begin cleaning your floors is to remove all excess dirt (and dust) from the floor with a static broom, or even the specialty Swiffer brand type of dusting “stick.” Doing this on a regular basis minimizes the potential for scratching. If you miss any dirt, when you go to actually apply any cleaning product or wax, you risk dragging the piece of dirt along with your cleaning applicator and causing some degree of damage.

To summarize, let’s review the top products to use which are the most environmentally friendly, and some key things to remember before you begin any cleaning.

It’s best to go with products such as Bona, which is the leading brand in the Hardwood Flooring Care Industry. When in doubt, always go to a professional, or the place you purchased your flooring from, and ask them what they recommend, so that mistakes that could have been prevented altogether are avoided.

  • Remove dirt.
  • Follow cleaning product instructions exactly.
  • Don’t use water.
  • Test a small area first.

Damage to hardwood floors is costly to correct, no matter how minor. However, with some care and attention like we have suggested here, you’ll be just fine maintaining your floors’ beauty and allure for countless years ahead.

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