When you stop to think about it, floors a take a lot of abuse. Aside from being walked on every day, they are lived on every day. By this we mean that things are dropped on them, drinks are spilled on them, furniture is scraped across them, and our children and pets play on them regularly. As a leading hardwood, carpet, and tile installation company in the Denver Metro area for more than 15 years, Urban Design Floors knows that keeping your floors beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult. Today, we’ll discuss a few fast and easy ways to keep your floors looking beautiful so that you can get the maximum life out of them.

TipsForBeautifulFloors_InnerImage2Regular Maintenance

Whether you have hardwood, carpet, tile, or stone flooring, caring for them on a regular basis is the best way to keep them looking like they were just installed. When hardwood flooring is new, it has a lustrous shine that provides sleek beauty to any living area. However, over time, that shiny finish can become dull or faded. There are several methods to combat this. One method, referred to as “screen and coat” can be done every couple of years as long as your wood floor is in good condition with no water damage or deep gouges. This process keeps a fresh top coat of finish on your hardwood flooring to protect it from spills and scratches.

For carpet, tile, and stone, the easiest way to keep them fresh and stain free is with regular vacuuming or sweeping and having them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Depending on whether or not you have pets or children, your carpets may need to be cleaned more frequently. The same goes for tile and stone floors; the grout in these flooring materials should also be cleaned routinely to keep them looking great.

TipsForBeautifulFloors_InnerImageProper Protection

Adequate floor protection is not something that is in the forefront of most people’s thoughts. However, there are two things in every home that can cause severe damage to flooring: UV light and water. Whether by direct or indirect sunlight, UV rays can cause unsightly fading to your floors. To prevent this, it is beneficial to use protective window coverings to minimize your floors’ exposure to the sun. Water can be just as damaging. In areas such as the kitchen, laundry room, or bathrooms, it can be beneficial to use high absorbency rugs that wick stray water away from the floor’s surface.

Choosing the Right Installer

The best way to ensure a lifetime of beauty for your hardwood, carpet, or tile flooring is to make sure you hire an experienced and reputable installation company in the beginning. Be sure to ask prospective installers what they specialize in, what kind of warranty they provide, if they have references, and if they have a portfolio of their finished work product. Any decent flooring contractor will take time to sit down and discuss your needs and what will fit your lifestyle, family, and budget best. Doing so ensures the right products in the right rooms, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting flooring solution.

At Urban Design Floors, we understand and appreciate the quality and durability you want and need in your floors. For generations, our passion has been working with our customers and exceeding their expectations to give them the floor of their dreams. Give us a call today for a free estimate — we’d love to hear from you!

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