There’s no doubt that replacing the flooring in your home can be a significant and time-consuming project. Whether you’re replacing flooring one room at a time, or all the floors at once, it’s likely that your daily routine will be impacted one way or another. Because of this, many people delay new floor installation until it’s absolutely necessary, and this necessity can be caused by many different factors. Are you wondering if it’s time to consider new flooring in your home? Check out the common reasons people find themselves installing new flooring and then contact Urban Design Floors today! We’ll gladly answer any questions that you have, and if you decide it’s time to move forward with a new flooring installation project, we’ve got you covered!

It’s Not Cost-Effective to Repair

The decision to install new flooring in your home may come down to a matter of what makes the most financial sense, and sometimes it is more cost effective to replace your flooring than it is to try and repair it. For example, if you have carpet in your home that is lifting in some areas, it’s possible that a light re-stretching of the carpet may resolve the issue. However, if your carpet has significant stains or is torn in some areas, a repair may not be feasible. With solid hardwood floors, scratches and staining can often be remedied with a light resanding and restaining. However, if the cost of the repairs is higher than that of a new floor, it may be time to consider new flooring installation.

Change in Lifestyle or Health

Anything from accidents to age and health troubles can have an impact on how easily someone can move around his or her home, especially if there are several different kinds of flooring materials with various textures and thicknesses. When unexpected mobility issues arise, a change in flooring can make a big difference for the safety and confidence of a homeowner. For example, if you have suddenly found yourself confined to wheelchair, your plush carpeting may no longer be the best choice for your main level. Likewise, if slips and falls are a concern due to a new medical condition, your tile or hardwood floors may not be the safest flooring for your home anymore.

Selling Your Home or Renovating

The most common reason you may choose to brave a new flooring installation project is if you’re preparing to sell your home or if you’re renovating your home. Many homebuyers in today’s market prefer flooring materials that are beautiful yet very easy to maintain, such as tile and hardwoods. If you have an older home that you’re putting on the market, upgrading your flooring to more modern materials can make all the difference in getting that initial offer you’re looking for. If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, the one design element that can have the biggest transformation effect are new floors.

Regardless of why you’re considering changing out the flooring in your home, Urban Design Floors would love to be your partner in your new flooring installation venture! From design to implementation, our professional team is dedicated to providing you with remarkable customer service and affordable prices. We’ll gladly discuss your design options and prepare a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for you. Contact us today!

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