Kids and pets can damage many types of flooring, including many hardwood floor types. There are, however, a few tips and tricks to follow when choosing which floor will best suit your family. Our hardwood floor installation experts in Aurora are here to help.

Wood Species

Not all hardwood floors are created equal. Some species of wood are much more durable than others, and a lot of this has to do with the actual hardness of the wood itself. Some species are soft, which means they scratch and dent more easily. Softer wood floors are something to avoid in a house with kids and pets.

  • Bamboo
    • Although bamboo technically is a grass and not a wood, it often is thrown in as a hardwood flooring. Bamboo is among the hardest and most durable floors when dealing with animal’s nails and children playing with toys. It is also much more environmentally friendly than a lot of other types.
  • Engineered Flooring
    • These floors are durable and scratch resistant, making it a first choice for many people with pets and children. However, this is not always the best choice because it is extremely slippery.

Tips For Hardwood Flooring With Pets And Kids

Choosing a lighter color of hardwood will help hide any scratches and dents the family may create better than darker floors. You may also want to choose a distressed or stressed wood flooring that has natural marking or imperfections that may conceal dents that occur. Call us today for expert hardwood floor installation.

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