Not All Engineered Flooring is Created Equal

“Why you should stick with custom-produced flooring”

Premium engineered floors add beauty as well as value to your home, also have the ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. The reason wood floors are considered a luxury item is probably due to the fact that it’s not cheap. When people say that you get what you pay for, one thing that is definitely included in that laundry list is Premium Engineered Flooring. If you know what to look for, Premium engineered flooring is more valuable than 3⁄4” traditional hardwood flooring.

In this article, have a look at premium flooring creation and just what makes up quality Custom or Premium Engineered Flooring. We’ll touch on what key considerations should be taken into account before making your purchase of any premium flooring, and why you want to avoid “bargain” products.

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Why you should stick with custom-produced flooring

Custom or premium produced flooring is made according to your particular specifications and in a manner that keeps the utmost importance placed upon quality manufacturing for long-lasting and durable flooring.

This kind of flooring can last anywhere from 60 to 100+ years in your home, which is why it is so important to avoid cutting costs by utilizing cheaper flooring alternatives available on the market. Many people tend to mistake cheap and poor quality flooring available at places like discount warehouses and big box types of stores as bargains. This is simply not the case. In fact, these are just cheaper quality products that are designed to fit into the lower end of the price spectrum.

The wear layer tells it all…

One key element to determining the quality in a custom or premium floor product that you are considering is the wear layer. This wear layer is the key. Now, there are different thickness for the wear layer, and that will ultimately determine the quality of your floors. Ranging anywhere from 0.6 to 8 mm in thickness, it’s common knowledge in the flooring industry that a layer under 4mm in thickness is considered a cheaper alternative, which will make your floors susceptible to damage way easier. 5mm is the magic number. This thickness will provide you with roughly 4 to 5 re-sanding opportunities before having to redo your floors all over again… and that’s very important.

Also, if their wear layer is too thin, the flooring tends to delaminate and lose its shine as well as its ability to protect its value over time. Some homeowners are shocked at just how fast this can occur, which is yet another reason we, at Urban Design Floors, stress the importance of buying a higher-end premium flooring product instead of the myriad cheap alternatives out there.

Installation of quality custom or premium flooring
should be left to the installation experts

Installation of quality custom or premium flooring should be left to the installation experts. Premium flooring requires expertise and experience to be installed correctly. The tools to be used are also key, as it is the procedures followed to ensure a spotless final installation that will last for decades in your home. We in Urban Design Floors, operating in the Denver area, pride ourselves on having such expertise. Years of experience has provided us with the ins-&-outs of how to properly and safely install your Custom Hardwood Flooring. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, so we will take your project with the utmost seriousness.

So to recap, the most important consideration is the quality of the Hardwood Floor you will use, which will ensure it’s durability and ability to stay in good shape throughout the years.

We in Urban Design Floors recommend the following:

  • Stick with Custom-Design or Premium Engineered Flooring.
  • Pay special attention to the Wear Layer, which should be over 4mm in thickness for good protection against wear and tear.
  • It’s extremely important to know the expertise level of the Hardwood Floors Installing Company you are planning to use for your project. You want only the best in the business to get the best installation in the Denver Area.

As long as you take these considerations into account, you will surely enjoy lasting beauty and increased value from your custom or premium flooring.

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