Have you heard about all the benefits that wood flooring can offer your home? Not only can a wood floor add a lifetime of value to your home, it can also help to resell your home when the time comes. Once you’ve read the facts and made the choice to invest in a wood floor, the decisions become a bit harder. There are endless wood floor options from color, plank style, and layout. So how do you get the wood floor you want?

If you are in the market for a specific color of wood floor, it’s a great idea to get a sample of the actual flooring and color. Place the flooring sample in your home against the wall to make sure the color fits your home design profile. While color swatches from a picture can seem like a perfect fit for your home, test a sample just to be sure. Your local, wood floor contractor, Urban Design Floors, can guide you through the products and materials that will meet your needs for the floor you want.

Meeting with a custom flooring contractor is a prime opportunity to discuss which products will best suit your home design and the actual layout of your home. Discuss your expectations for a new wood floor with your flooring installer; as an experienced installer will listen to your needs and then discuss what will work best for your unique situation. Wood floors deserve a custom installation, because they are not a one-size-fits-all service. Every home is different, as are the aspirations of each homeowner.

Whether you are looking for a seamless wood floor to cover the entire length of your home, or a more complex design using multiple flooring materials to add texture and contrast to your home, meet with a custom wood flooring contractor, like Urban Design Floors to get the wood floor you want.

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