Few things can match the look of brand new hardwood floor installation in Aurora. The inherent beauty of wood combined with the natural variation in graining, results in a look that simply can’t be matched by vinyl or laminate flooring. Whether you have hardwood in a small entryway inside the front door or the whole house, a new hardwood floor adds the beauty as well as value to your home. However, just like a new car, proper care and maintenance is an important part of the long-term investment. The care starts immediately following the installation by simply adding protective felt pads to the legs of chairs, tables, couches, as well as other furniture to prevent denting and scratching.

Today’s factory pre-finished wood floors are truly easy to care for and most are “no wax,” meaning they do not need and should not have wax or any acrylic finish applied. Daily care consists of wiping up spills as they occur with a clean cloth and sweeping or dry dust mopping to remove the dust and soil tracked in. Daily maintenance is followed up as needed by cleaning with a microfiber mop and a small amount of cleaner designed for hardwood floors. Utilizing mats and rugs can help prevent pebbles or rocks being tracked in scratching the surface. Mats also help to collect water on rainy or snowy days. Remember to vacuum and shake out the mats regularly to prevent buildup of soil. Call us today for all of your hardwood flooring needs and questions. Are experts are happy to help!

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