In our homes, hardwood products are some of the healthiest and cost-effective ones we could choose. They do not collect dust or allergens – which can be trapped in other materials – and environmentally friendly paints and stains can be used to complement any design scheme. In addition, hardwood products can be refinished and can last a lifetime. A solid hardwood floor, for instance, can last in excess of 100 years, while carpet would need to be replaced numerous times during that span.

At the end of their useful lives, hardwood products can be repurposed, used as a combustible fuel, or returned to the Earth, whereas synthetic and heavily-glued products like bamboo, will remain in a landfill almost indefinitely.

It’s clear. There really is no better or natural choice for green building and healthy home environments than American hardwoods. And now, with the endorsement of the federal government, eco-conscious homeowners can confidently choose American hardwood flooring. 

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