Hardwood comes from a wide variety of species. Some are not appropriate for flooring because of their density, susceptibility to moisture, or other factors. Even among the hardwoods that are used for hardwood floor installation in Aurora, some are better for certain climates than others. Here in Colorado, where the climate is relatively dry, domestic hardwoods tend to be especially popular, though there are a few exotic species that do well, too.

  • Red Oak
    • Red oak is by far the species used most often for flooring in the United States. It is abundant and inexpensive and can be finished to suit particularly any decor, making it one of the most versatile hardwoods available.
  • White Oak
    • White oak shares many of the same features as red oak but as the name would suggest it is a bit lighter and more brown than red. It is a popular choice for those looking for pre-finished hardwood, as the variety of choices available is quite impressive.
  • Hickory/Pecan
    • Though technically different species, Hickory and Pecan are part of the same genus and are so similar they are often sold together or interchangeably. The grain of hickory is its most outstanding feature, as boards often display sharp color variations that create a unique look.
  • American Walnut
    • Walnut often features a variety of grain patterns, which give it a special beauty. This combined with natural luster that increases over time makes it desirable.
  • Brazilian Cherry
    • Among the most popular of the exotic species sold in the United States, Brazilian cherry offers a rich tone that only grows richer over time. It is much harder than other flooring which makes it a great choice for homes with families or pets.

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