Hardwood floors or carpeting? Both types of materials have distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, there are very good reasons for hardwood floor installation in Aurora. New carpeting can be a health hazard. Modern manufacturing uses synthetic materials which can be hazardous. New carpets will leak for years and new carpet installation also often uses chemicals which emit fumes. These too, may not be healthy and may cause sinus or breathing problems for people exposed to them for extensive periods of time.

High Maintenance

Carpet deteriorates, and the more traffic it sees, the worse the effect. Many carpets can look ragged in as little as 5 years. Most carpets have loops that can be pulled loose and because of its woven nature, once a carpet begins unraveling it quickly gets worse. It is difficult to repair carpet.

Extensive Cleaning, Minimal Results

Carpets require regular cleaning daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with extensive and expensive chemicals and equipment. Even with regular care, particles of all sorts like dirt, dust, and grime sift and sink through the weave and pad and settle near the floor. Dampness from accidents, traffic and even carpet shampooing can actually increase the dampness creating growth of mildew and more.

Allergy Nightmare

For individuals who suffer from allergies, carpets are a living nightmare. They are a constant source of irritating triggers.

Hardwood doesn’t hide harmful pollutants, making for a healthier, safer living environment. They require less maintenance, last longer and can be repaired instead of replaced. Since wood is a natural resource it is a quality ecological choice as well. Even though hardwood floors may cost more initially, with proper maintenance, they can be a sound investment for a lifetime.

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