Are your hardwood floors looking dull or becoming overly porous? Perhaps you are doing a home renovation in Denver and have just discovered a hardwood floor underneath the carpet. Hardwood floors take a lot of daily abuse for a variety of reasons. An experienced hardwood flooring contractor like Urban Floor Designs can restore or enhance the beauty of the most essential grounding element in your home with hardwood floor refinishing.

Not only is a hardwood floor an incredible investment, refinishing an original wood floor can unveil so much character and personality about a home. Wood flooring brings warmth and timeless elements into a space. Inviting to guests or attract potential buyers with a newly finished wood floor, one of the most sought after flooring requests in Denver, Colorado. A natural, beautiful hardwood floor is a major component of interior design in homes today.

If your current wood flooring has light surface scratches or stains, look into screening services and a new, top protective coat. Screening is an effective, affordable approach to refinishing a hardwood floor that needs updating that still maintains a good, overall foundation. For dull-looking floors or overly porous wood floors, a new top protective coat can add shine and protection from scratches and spills to your wood floor.

When considering refinishing your hardwood floors versus complete replacement, remember that wood floors are built to last. Hardwood flooring, especially when installed with quality materials, can typically be refinished multiple times to add shine, protection, and recover some imperfections due to wear and tear. Upon inspection, a hardwood floor installer can determine the best course of action and identify how much useable wood flooring exists to refinish. Overall, refinishing a floor is a much more affordable alternative to wood floor replacement and recovers the existing, unique wood floor of the property.

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