With innovations in design and technology, it seems as though there are an endless number of choices when it comes to your durable flooring options. It’s difficult, however, to find a flooring that is more durable and customizable than hardwood. In a previous blog, we reviewed the sustainable benefits of hardwood flooring, and in today’s article, we’ll take a look at several options you have to create the custom wood floors of your dreams.

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Four Ways to Customize Your Flooring

Available in a wide variety of species and styles, hardwood floors are very versatile and easy to customize to your specific tastes and lifestyle. Below, we’ve included a few considerations for creating a unique look for your home.


Hardwood comes in a variety of textures, and you can choose one that best suits your needs. For a sleek and modern look, high-polished and smooth textures are best. For a more classic or aged look, there are several manufacturers that provide hand-scraped and distressed planks that are sure to add character to any space.


When envisioning hardwood floors, many people think of the standard two- to three- inch wide planks that are commonly installed. However, planks may be cut as wide as six inches to create a more rustic, farmhouse look. Planks that are thinner than two inches lend themselves well to more formal settings.


Depending on whether or not you have pets, kids, and high foot traffic areas, you may want to choose a wood species that’s harder than most. The Janka Hardness Rating is a system used to determine whether a wood is durable enough to be suitable for flooring. The hardest species include mahogany and cherry while fir and pine are more soft.

Stain and Finish

For true versatility, stain and finish offer the most customization options for hardwood floor installations. Stains are available in every shade from light blonde to dark ebony and can be used to make spaces feel bigger or smaller while adding a touch of style. Beyond that, you can choose anything from a shiny, lustrous finish to a flat finish for additional personalization

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Aurora

In addition to the texture, width, durability, and finish, there are many other ways to create a unique look for your home with hardwood. The flooring installers at Urban Design Floors would love to speak with you about your vision and how our custom design options can make it a reality. With more than 15 years of experience, we work hard and go the extra mile to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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