With thousands of colors and sizes to choose from, ceramic tile floor installation in Aurora can help you create the perfect, one of a kind design that will work with each area in your home perfectly. However, what may be best for your kitchen might not work effectively in the bathroom. This is why it is best to call on the experts at Urban Design Floors.

Glazed Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile

Glazed tile is often used in bathrooms because it is water resistant and less expensive than other tile. It is also easy to install and repair. Not to mention there seems to be an endless variety, with glazes from rough to smooth.

One of the densest, most durable tiles on the market today, porcelain tile is fine for all floors, walls, and countertops. Created from compressed clay dust fired to extremely high temperatures, color goes all the way through and porcelain tile will not stain, scratch, burn or chip easily.

Bathrooms, Countertops & Walls

When choosing tile for your bathroom, take tile size into account before installation. Smaller tile will look nice, but may become harder to clean as a result of using more grout. Larger tiles will help visually expand a medium sized bathroom. Make sure you choose a texture that will not be slippery when it gets wet.

Color & Texture: Creating The Look You Want

In creating an amazing room, ceramic tile will allow you to control the color, texture and pattern of the overall design. Hand carved wall tiles can help create a delicate visual where rough textured floor tiles will give off a rustic feel.

Our flooring experts can help you choose what will work for your space and give you the look you desire. We guarantee our tile floor installation will last for many years to come.

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