Hardwood floor installation in Aurora seems like a safe choice when it comes to redoing the floors in your home. As a material, it is known to be relatively durable, and, as a result, is a great investment. Before you sign on the dotted line to buy brand new wood floors, there are a few things you should know. Wood floors take a great deal of specialized care if buyers want to see the floors stay in good condition for the long term. There are many different varieties, some better in certain areas of the home than others. If you are in the market for new floors or just want to extend the life of the floors you already have. Make sure to brush up on these 10 facts about wood flooring.

  • Don’t Think Traditionally
    • The new trend in the flooring industry is wider, longer boards. The design trend is to minimize the number of seams on the floor. Think big!
  • Don’t Buy The Wrong Wood For The Wrong Area
    • Different kinds of wood hold up to heavy traffic differently. The hardest woods like oak or hickory are better for areas that see a lot of action from people or pets.
  • Don’t Think There Is Only One Way To Install Wood
    • There are three main formats of wood construction. Solid hardwood flooring, engineered tongue and groove, and click together wood.
  • Don’t Mistake Engineered Wood For The Real Thing
    • Shoppers should know what they are getting when it comes to engineered wood. Two major upsides of engineered wood are its good price and ability to withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  • Don’t Think You Must Finish Floors After Installation
    • Wood flooring comes either factory-finished or unfinished to be stained and sealed after installation. The benefit of finishing after installation is that the color and texture of the wood can be completely custom.


The possibilities are endless for your new floor. Leave it to the professionals to make your floors shine with elegance and class. People often think that hardwood flooring is only used in rustic or country designs, but nothing is further from the truth. Dark stains used on walnut are used to promote chrome and glass used in more modern designs. Lighter colored woods like maple are perfect for brighter rooms that come to life with modern lighting, settings, and furniture. Hardwood can blend together the best elements of classical and modern designs. Our hardwood floors last and keep their beauty for years. We know that true beauty needs to last and our selection of wood, professional installation and advice can keep your hardwood floors beautiful for years to come. Hardwood is beautiful because of its durability, versatility, and variety. Virtually any decor can be complemented with our options. When you are ready to update your home, we are here to help with all the details.

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