Something to consider when hiring hardwood/tile/carpet installers who claim that they will do all the work themselves, yes you might save some money with them, but be careful, they often don’t care about your project and your hard earned money. All they care about is doing the project/job just good enough so that they get paid, once they are paid you will most likely never hear from them again (in case you have questions/concerns about your project). There is an old saying, which goes: “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”. Are you rich enough to pay for repairs over and over again, if the job is not done to your satisfaction? There is a reason why some hardwood/tile/carpet installers have attractive prices. Be aware!
Everything is NOT included.

Do you believe most of so called “Flooring installers” have customer service experience and think long term to make their customers happy?
We hope you won’t learn that the hard way.

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