If you’ve made the decision to install new flooring or to repair the existing floors in your home, your next step is to locate a contractor that can do the work. Knowing what to look for and choosing the right contractor can be a challenging and confusing task. Urban Design Floors is a family-owned company in the Denver area that has carried on the tradition of quality flooring installation for more than 15 years. We understand that you want an affordable and professional flooring contractor that you can trust to be in your home while you’re not there. So how do you know what contractor will fit the bill? There are several questions you can ask potential contractors during your search to refine your options.

How Long Have They Been Around?

While the amount of time a company has been in business doesn’t always speak to their quality and professionalism, it will tell you something about how many jobs they’ve had the opportunity to complete. It may also give you a feel for what kind of materials and settings they have worked with previously and can help you avoid inexperienced contractors.

Who Are Their Primary Customers?

Does your potential contractor typically specialize in commercial or residential applications? There are many contractors out there that will do work in both, but there can be big differences in materials and installation procedures for residential and commercial projects. Asking this question will give you a good idea as to whether the flooring contractor prefers one setting over the other and where his or her area of expertise is.

Do They Have References?

Any reputable flooring contractor will have references and/or a portfolio of his or her work. While many contractors will not release former client’s contact information because of privacy concerns, you can always browse before and after photos on the contractor’s website, if her or she has one. It’s always a good idea to ask your potential flooring contractor if you can see some of his or her completed jobs with your specific chosen flooring material so that you know what the finished products look like.

Are They Insured?

What happens if something in your home is damaged or stolen while your flooring contractor is in your house? It’s never pleasant to think about something bad happening in your home when a contractor is there and you’re not. When you’re researching various contractors for your new flooring, it’s always recommended to look for ones that are licensed, bonded, and insured. In the event something unfortunate happens, you’ll want to know there is a means for recovering because of any contractor liability.

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

Be sure to ask how a contractor guarantees his or her work. If a particular flooring contractor doesn’t offer any type of guarantee on his or her work product, this can be a red flag. Are they not confident in their installation methods or skills? Or, are they using substandard materials in the course of their work? Choosing a contractor that stands behind his or her work will give you peace of mind that any future concerns with product and/or workmanship will be addressed properly.

Choosing the right flooring contractor doesn’t have to be overwhelming or cause you anxiety when you know the right questions to ask ahead of time. Urban Design Floors is reliable and affordable while providing professional flooring installation and repair. We are happy to answer any questions you have! If you’re looking for a reputable flooring contractor in the Denver area, contact us today!

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