Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, tile is a durable flooring option that is versatile enough to be used in any room in your home. From exotic marbles to more commonplace ceramic, the options are seemingly endless. Much like any other flooring material, tile must be properly maintained to provide beauty and functionality throughout its life. At Urban Design Floors in Denver, we provide metro-area residents with high-quality flooring options, including tile. If you’re considering tile, give us a call! We’d love to discuss the benefits of this great floor covering. In the meantime, our tile floor installers have some quick tips on easy tile care and maintenance.

Remove Dust & Debris Frequently

Tiny particles of dirt, dust, and other debris that gets tracked onto your tile floors can act like fine-grit sandpaper if not vacuumed or swept up frequently. Although it may be difficult to see with your eye, these small abrasives can cause a dulling effect while wearing down the protective glaze layer, leaving your floors susceptible to staining and chipping. To combat this, use a dry dust mop or hard floor attachment on your vacuum at least once a week.

Regular Surface Cleaning

Once you’ve removed the debris from your floor, it’s beneficial to give it a quick clean with a damp mop. Incorporating an appropriate floor cleaner into your routine will keep your tile looking great. For glazed tiles, our tile floor installers recommend using a gentle, all-purpose cleaner that’s not oil based. If your tiles are unglazed, seek out a cleaner that has a neutral pH level to prevent discoloration of the tile.

Grout Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your tile floors includes cleaning and maintaining the grout between them. The last thing you want is a beautiful tile floor that looks old and dirty because of missing, chipped, or discolored grout. In most cases, a gentle, neutral cleanser and a grout brush will go a long way. For more stubborn stains, steam cleaning may be needed. For questions on the safest grout cleaning method for your tile floor, consult the manufacturer or a reputable tile flooring contractor like Urban Design Floors.

Consider Stylish Rugs

If you’ve purchased new tile floors, you may be hesitant to cover them up with rugs. While it’s natural to want to display the full beauty of your flooring, protecting heavy traffic areas with stylish rugs will go a long way towards preventing dulling and scratching. Likewise, a small rug in front of the sink or tub can protect your grout from water damage caused by excessive moisture exposure.

For more tips and information on proper care and maintenance techniques, or to request a complimentary estimate for beautiful, new tile floors, contact the expert tile floor installers at Urban Design Floors! From design to installation, we’d love to help you create the floor of your dreams!

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