Are you considering the beautiful warmth of laminate wood flooring for your home or office? This innovative flooring material is extremely versatile and also has several advantages over hardwood flooring, carpet, tile, and linoleum. In our last article, we provided some prep tips for those adventurous DIY folks undertaking their own laminate installation, and today we will take a look at some of the benefits you can count on from laminate wood flooring.

At Urban Design Floors in Denver, we carry many varieties of designer flooring, including laminate, and we’d love to help you discover what new flooring can do for your home. Check out our gallery to see examples of our work, then contact us to schedule your consultation and estimate today!

Affordable Beauty

With the invention of laminate wood flooring in the late 1970s, many homeowners suddenly had access to a wood flooring material that was both budget-friendly and attractive. With planks available in a wide variety of widths, stains, and styles, laminate can be tough to distinguish from more expensive solid hardwood floors. In many instances, laminate flooring is less than half the cost of hardwood flooring materials. It is also a more affordable product than carpet. Additionally, because it is so durable, and assuming it is properly maintained, you won’t need to replace it for many years.

Durable Design

Speaking of durability, many people are pleasantly surprised to discover just how strong laminate flooring is. Thanks to how it is manufactured, it will not experience fading due to UV rays and it is extremely resistant to scratching, staining, and impact damage. Laminate planks are manufactured with thin, pressed layers of wood board. It is covered with an image of wood on the top with an extremely durable, clear, melamine plastic wear layer. This composition results in an extremely strong flooring material that can often withstand more than 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Trouble-Free Installation

In addition to being affordable and durable, many homeowners choose laminate wood flooring over other flooring materials because of how easy it is to install. This makes laminate a very attractive flooring option for DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts. Installing the product is a breeze thanks to its unique tongue and groove sides that simply snap together. It is also versatile enough that it can be installed over essentially any type of subfloor, from wood to plywood and concrete. It can also be installed with radiant floor heating systems.

Simple Cleaning

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the floors in your home, laminate flooring might just be the

flooring material for you! Unlike traditional hardwoods, this amazing product doesn’t require any kind of waxing or polishing. To clean laminate floors, all you need is a vacuum with a hard floor attachment and a damp cloth or mop. It’s really that easy! Depending on the amount of foot traffic, dust, and dirt in your home, it’s recommended that you vacuum your laminate floors frequently to avoid dulling of the top wear layer.

If any of these four perks has you considering laminate wood flooring for you home, contact Urban Design Floors for a consultation and estimate today! We’d love to speak with you to determine what style and finish will best complement your Denver metro home. We may be reached at 720-880-8804 or by filling out the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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